My Mother's Birthday - a sneak peek at her present

My Mother's Birthday - a sneak peek at her present

Today is my mom's birthday. You might immediately ask, what does that have to do with toxic chemicals in consumer products? The short answer is kind of a lot. Both of my parents were big scientists. At an early age, I was surrounded by scientists from all over the globe. Most of the time, I had no idea what was being discussed. But slowly began to realize that some of the complex topics being discussed were incredibly important for the safety and well-being of people and the environment. But there was a huge disconnect between what was being discussed and how most people consume information. This problem is at the heart of why Thinkbaby and Thinksport were created.

My father's focus was biophysiology. When he wasn't conducting direct research, he led medical school classes University of Texas Medical Branch, where he was the head of cardiac and neuro learning. Somewhere along the way, he mastered a few other things, as he lectured on opera, music theory, and art.

My mother's area of focus is epidemiology. While this might sound "skin" related, it is actually the study of how things affect large populations. For example, my mother's Master's Thesis was on Breast Feeding and Obesity back in the early 70's. I doubt that anyone expected the 500 page report that followed. From there she spent a majority of her research around toxic chemical spills and how they affected the surrounding populations. While her work spanned preventative medicine to geriatrics, there was one constant....her love of photography.

At first, her photography was mostly chronicling my youth, but quickly expanded into an immense and worldwide collection. She has participated in a tremendous number of art openings and has work in the permanent collection of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. She has also completed a fantastic book called The Faces of Aging, which captured some of the most wonderful imagery. A second book is due out shortly.

So I thought I'd share one of my presents to her before the world gets a glimpse. First know that the image galleries are far from complete. I just grabbed some of her images to be able to show her the mechanics of her new website. She now has the unenviable task of pouring through well in excess of 50,000 photos.

Simply click on the image for a behind the scenes look.

Happy Birthday to the greatest Mom!!!!

Birthday Yoga with Mom


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